Smart Buildings Summit 2018

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Smart Buildings Summit 2018 | 28 – 30 November 2018 | Swissotel Sydney | Sydney | Australia

At this year’s Smart Buildings Summit, we will be exploring how buildings and workplaces can become more effective for their users through digital technologies and processes. A two-day conference that focuses on the opportunities and challenges presented by Smart Buildings for developers, occupiers, owners and investors. The Smart Buildings Summit will take place on 28 – 30 November at the Swissôtel Sydney (68 Market St, Sydney NSW 2000, get directions > )

Why attend the Smart Buildings Summit?

Many buildings and other facilities are saddled with multiple poorly commissioned building sub-systems, voluminous operating manuals and procedures. This has led to inefficient work practices, higher use of resources, personnel and cost. Smart processes and user journeys, based on strong foundations and understandings of each individual’s movements, can drive large efficiencies in the workplace.

There are a number of options to unlock the potential of your building for your users. Operational Intelligence combines project management experience with business process engineering skills to determine the most efficient processes and systems to achieve superior business outcomes and work processes. By mapping out the user journey and understanding the current lifecycle of facilities, we develop the most efficient facility processes and systems at the lowest lifecycle costs that are practical and easy to use. Through optimisation of operations and equipment, changing operational patterns and managing and maintaining systems remotely, an increase in efficiency and profitability can become reality.

Come speak to our smart building experts at the Operational Intelligence Booth if you are interested in achieving superior business outcomes and maximising the efficiency and productivity of your user throughout their daily journey.

Our experts will also be leading a roundtable discussion on Smart Building and the value of the User Journey to maximise their workplace efficiency.

Key topics to be discussed:

  • Buildings operation, sustainability, connectivity, productivity, efficiency and occupiers’ wellbeing
  • Helping real estate companies unlock new growth opportunities, reduce costs and overcome challenges through emerging technologies, new approaches, ideas and partnerships
  • Application/implementation of smart tech in old and new buildings
  • The user perspective besides design, technology and investor perspective
  • The current status, developments and future of the global and Australian smart tech market

Download the Smart Building Summit brochure here.

Ultimately, buildings are enablers of economic activity and better buildings will promote better work outcomes. Join us in this smart building discussion and find out how to better equip yourself to take on the ever-evolving challenge of increasing productivity and innovation.



Smart Buildings Summit 2017 Recap – Smart Cities, Buildings & Workplaces


David Murray and Lakshan Weerasekera at the Operational Intelligence Booth


Australia’s most innovative Smart Buildings Event.

Operational Intelligence would like to thank all those that attended the Smart Buildings Summit 2017 on November 28-29 at The Holmes Building, The University of Sydney. Operational Intelligence was proud to be a part of the most powerful gathering of leaders working at the intersection of commercial and corporate real estate, technology, automation and innovation in Australia to discuss the latest smart buildings technology and innovations in the industry.

The summit was a full house packed with decision-makers involved in the design, construction and management of their buildings and infrastructure assets. A range of local and international expert speakers discussed how IoT can be leveraged to enhance building performance, better manage portfolio risk and liquidity, transform the tenant and user experience and create new revenue streams through IoT. Topics ranged from the technology evolution to new value adding services, innovative revenue streams, future buildings and cities, new generation approaches to building design and delivery, better collaboration, infrastructure transformation and sustainable strategies.

Operational Intelligence smart spaces expert David Murray led a roundtable discussion on the value of lifecycle Building Information Modeling (BIM) and commission to operate using BIM. The key takeaway – by harnessing the latest digital technologies to leverage off BIM and real time data you can get all the information required to make smarter decisions and drive business outcomes.


The Smart Buildings Summit session attendees

Operational Intelligence provides expert consulting for smart building solutions to save you time and money through increased system efficiency, productivity and transparency. If you weren’t able to attend the Smart Buildings Summit but you are interested in driving gains far beyond sustainability, contact us today to start working on a smart solution for you.