32 Smith Street, Parramatta NSW




Operational Intelligence successfully delivered a comprehensive smart building solution at 32 Smith, integrating BMS, EMS, ICN, and people counting for enhanced efficiency.


32 Smith Street in Parramatta redefined the landscape of smart buildings. Positioned as a new iconic landmark, this A-grade commercial tower spanned an impressive 26,000 square meters of office space in Parramatta. Designed with a commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency, GPT aimed to set a new benchmark in intelligent infrastructure. To realise this vision, Operational Intelligence stepped in, bringing a holistic smart building solution that integrated a range of modern technologies.

The Goal

The primary objective was to transform 32 Smith Street into a paragon of smart buildings, integrating systems that not only prioritised energy eciency and sustainability but also embraced advanced data integration techniques and people-counting solutions. By doing so, GPT aimed to make this development the prototype for future smart buildings.

32 Smith Street now stands as a beacon of innovation and efficiency,

elevating the standard for smart buildings


Key Solutions:

BMS & EMS by Alerton Australia

Essential for energy efficiency and building management.


Introduced under the iViva brand, crucial for data management and streamlined communication.

iViva for Data Integration

Part of the Oberix bundle, it complemented the Alerton/Optergy
BMS and EMS.

ICN using Aruba

Ensured seamless connectivity and data
flow for the building.

People Counting by Abakus Analytics

Assisted in tracking occupancy and optimising energy use.

The Results

Upon completion, 32 Smith Street emerged as a state-of-the-art smart building. The meticulous integration of BMS & EMS, iViva, ICN, and people-counting solutions created an infrastructure that not only conserved energy but also promoted optimal utilisation of space and resources. The client, was immensely satisfied with the results. They recognised the project as a blueprint for future smart buildings. Additionally, with a major tenant like QBE occupying nine levels of the building, the integrated systems ensured ecient management and operations, further solidifying 32 Smith Street’s status as a premier smart building in Parramatta.

The EMS provides real-time monitoring and control of energy usage, ensuring peak efficiency, reduced energy waste, and resulting in significant cost savings. 

The ICN interconnectivity allows for rapid response to any changes or issues, enhancing building performance. 

The integration of ICN and EMS, provides centralisation for quicker decision-making and more efficient building operations.

About Operational Intelligence

Operational Intelligence partners with customers to bring new ideas, deep expertise and knowledge using peer reviewed best-practice methodology to align people, place, purpose, physical assets and real-time information to drive greater efficiencies, visibility and frictionless experience across property, infrastructure, precincts and cities.


We are delighted to be selected as technology partners for 33 Alfred Street, AMP’s head office since 1962 and key to the internationally renowned Circular Quay precinct in Australia.