The OI Value

We are partners of choice for Advisory & Integration of best-of-breed technology, including 3rd party, Digital Experience, Master System Integration (MSI), Services, On-Premise, Cloud & Hybrid Technologies.

We bring deep expertise in co-innovation and co-creation of solutions with customers and develop end-to-end solutions in collaboration with partners. 

Maximise your returns by optimising energy efficiency, reduced maintenance costs and improving occupant comfort. Our smart building solutions provide the insights that identify areas for improvement, so building owners can enhance all ranges of their operations. With our real-time data analytics and centralised dashboards, we ensure minimal waste and maximised performance.


Maximised Returns


Increased Efficiency


Our smart building solutions are designed to optimise energy consumption, reduce maintenance costs and enhance operational performance. Access simplified data analytics that lets you monitor and regulate HVAC systems, lighting, security, room bookings, lifts, parking and more.

Through leveraging IoT sensors and data analytics, our solutions can optimise indoor air quality, temperature, lighting and other factors to enhance occupant comfort. This can lead to higher tenant satisfaction and better retention rates. Our solutions provide essential tools for building a positive reputation and attracting and retaining tenants.


Comfortable Occupants

What We Offer

Network System Integration

Operational Intelligence is responsible for designing networks, server solutions, wifi solutions and cyber security strategies. Within these solutions we can tailor to a clients needs based on different requirements including brands, levels of redundancy and scalability for future.

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Digital Advisory

We live and breathe technology from R&D through to delivery and support making us a partner of choice to deliver more sustainable and profitable digital building solutions.
The digital advisory is a key step to understanding the needs of our customers and transforming these needs into a digital strategy and then a digital roadmap for deployment.

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Master System Integrator

Operational Intelligence uses advanced knowledge of industry standards and best practises to seamlessly integrate multiple building systems and subsystems in a cohesive and interoperable whole. Utilising digital workflows and dashboarding, building owners can monitor multiple systems to enhance user interoperability and building operations. These systems can include HVAC, lighting, security, fire safety, access control and energy management systems.

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What is Building User Experience?

Most organizations struggle to deliver seamless digital experiences across the touchpoints of the customer journey. We are therefore excited to be able to offer the opportunity to our clients to use the collection of reusable blocks of software or engines such as notification, profile management and workflows that are ready for use and can be combined in many ways for integration into a new application. 

That means ability to deliver highly relevant, contextualized and seamless digital experiences, rather than complex, extensive and interconnected technology stacks.

This presents a significant competitive advantage to those who can implement a composable user experience curated for the specific personas who engage with cities, precincts, buildings, facilities and services.

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83 Pirie Street, Adelaide

The 83 Pirie Street development is positioned around amenity, innovation, lifestyle, productivity and workplace sophistication with experience and service offerings as yet unique in Adelaide. 

Operational Intelligence was commissioned to design and provision both the Integrated Communications Network (ICN) and Integration Services Platform(IP) for this development, to enable and inform wellness and premium end-of-trip facilities seamlessly integrated into workplace and a 20 level, A grade office tower,  with 30,000sqm of commercial office space, 120 on site car parking spaces as well as flexible floor plates of 1,750 sqm, as well as lifestyle amenities which include include Adelaide’s best shops, restaurants and cultural destinations. 




We are delighted to be selected as technology partners for 33 Alfred Street, AMP’s head office since 1962 and key to the internationally renowned Circular Quay precinct in Australia.