Operational Intelligence brings deep expertise in the co-innovation, co-creation, deployment, operations and maintenance of Technology solutions using the ubiquitous ecosystem of integrations.

This includes Systems, Applications, Third Party mobile, IT, Operating, On Premise, Cloud & Hybrid Technologies.

OI are increasingly select partners of choice for the design and provision of Integration Services Platforms (ISP) and Integrated Communications Networks (ICN) to allow for development of integration databases as well as structured common networks at the centre of a smart property offering. As is evidenced by OI joining the world-class project team on the Pitt Street Overstation Development (OSD) in Sydney, the OI solution will enable the transport of data between the multiple building operating technologies into one common network for seamless and structured communication.

Operational Intelligence (OI) brings international expertise in Master System Integration (MSI) around workshop methodology to ratify MSI deliverables in context of key outcomes and experiences sought for a development across four primary levels.

For each stakeholder domain

To build out on functions already recognized

To examine interdependencies and data flows

For seamless alignment with Principal Project Requirements and Digital Engineering strategy as well as workflows.

Master System Integration (MSI)

OI works hand-in-glove with leading developers, contractors, design teams and owners to:

Design and deploy ESG, Energy Efficiency and Digital Experience aligned to Key Tenant, Visitor, Wellness, FM, Asset Management and Reporting capabilities for State Significant projects, Precincts and Smart Buildings.

Integral to the broader Oberix Group , our clients benefit from deep expertise across:






Building Automation


Energy Management


User Experience

Our seamless, outcomes-based approach to the integration of solutions cement our work’s reputation for Resilience, Safety and Reliability with an agile culture to drive Innovation across complex, project stakeholder groups.

OI uses Operational System Integration, innovative technologies and Business Process Management to eliminate barriers hereby delivering new benchmarks around smarter, more engaging, responsive, sustainable and lean built environments.


What is Building User Experience?

Most organizations struggle to deliver seamless digital experiences across the touchpoints of the customer journey. We are therefore excited to be able to offer the opportunity to our clients to use the collection of reusable blocks of software or engines such as notification, profile management and workflows that are ready for use and can be combined in many ways for integration into a new application. 

That means ability to deliver highly relevant, contextualized and seamless digital experiences, rather than complex, extensive and interconnected technology stacks.

This presents a significant competitive advantage to those who can implement a composable user experience curated for the specific personas who engage with cities, precincts, buildings, facilities and services.

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83 Pirie Street, Adelaide

The 83 Pirie Street development is positioned around amenity, innovation, lifestyle, productivity and workplace sophistication with experience and service offerings as yet unique in Adelaide. 

Operational Intelligence was commissioned to design and provision both the Integrated Communications Network (ICN) and Integration Services Platform(IP) for this development, to enable and inform wellness and premium end-of-trip facilities seamlessly integrated into workplace and a 20 level, A grade office tower,  with 30,000sqm of commercial office space, 120 on site car parking spaces as well as flexible floor plates of 1,750 sqm, as well as lifestyle amenities which include include Adelaide’s best shops, restaurants and cultural destinations. 


We are delighted to be selected as technology partners for 33 Alfred Street, AMP’s head office since 1962 and key to the internationally renowned Circular Quay precinct in Australia.