M_Park - Stockland, Macquarie Park NSW




M_Park offers its occupants an unparalleled blend of energy efficiency, intelligent space utilisation, and connectivity, setting a new gold standard for modern commercial environments.


Nestled in the bustling heart of Sydney’s Macquarie Park, M_Park represents a monumental leap in commercial architecture and sustainability. Developed by Stockland, a leading Australian property developer known for its commitment to creating vibrant, sustainable communities, this $500 million commercial precinct stands as a beacon of innovation in the urban landscape.

The Goal

The objective wasn’t just to build an edifice but to integrate top-tier technologies that would oer superior connectivity, energy eciency, and security. With the rising threats of cyber-attacks and the need for seamless integration of building systems, the developers sought to implement an ecient Integrated Communications Network (ICN) and an Energy Management System (EMS).

M_Park in Sydney’s Macquarie Park now epitomises the fusion of intuitive design and sustainability, reshaping the future of commercial spaces.


Key Solutions:

Wireless Access Points

Amplifying the connected experience for all users within the precinct.

Real-time monitoring and control of building subsystems.

Advance trend analysis and storage of real-time data streams. Integration to leading fault detection and diagnostic system for rule based analytics.

Optergy EMS

To provide ecient energy management, ensuring the building operated at peak eciency whilst minimising its environmental footprint.

ICN using Cisco

To ensure all building services connected seamlessly on a central network, providing optimal structure and a high level of security against potential cyber threats.

The Results

M_Park has made notable advancements in its facilities, significantly enhancing security through an integrated ICN that protects systems and minimises risks, ensuring data and operations are safe. It also offers unmatched connectivity, thanks to the ICN and wireless access, facilitating a flawless experience for those within. Additionally, the EMS promotes sustainability by reducing the carbon footprint and increasing energy efficiency, which, in turn, cuts operational costs. This positions M_Park as a beacon of modern, efficient, and secure urban developments.

The EMS provides real-time monitoring and control of energy usage, ensuring peak efficiency, reduced energy waste, and resulting in significant cost savings.

The ICN interconnectivity allows for rapid response to any changes or issues, enhancing building performance.

The integration of ICN and EMS, provides centralisation for quicker decision-making and more efficient building operations.


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We are delighted to be selected as technology partners for 33 Alfred Street, AMP’s head office since 1962 and key to the internationally renowned Circular Quay precinct in Australia.