The Premier Learning and Network Event

Operational Intelligence would like to thank all those that attended the AIRAH Future of HVAC Conference 2017 on September 13-14 at Doltone House in Pyrmont. Being the premier learning and networking event in AIRAH’s calendar, it was a great opportunity for industry members to come together and contemplate the technology, challenges and new approaches confronting the industry. The presentations by industry speakers covered everything from intelligent buildings through to big data, passive-house applications, transcritical CO2 refrigeration systems, and indoor environment quality, among other topics. Operational Intelligence speaker David Murray delivered a presentation focused on intelligent buildings and the current advancements of Building Information Modelling (BIM), particularly related to increasing energy efficiency, cost effectiveness and productivity and time savings for cities, buildings and workplaces.

Buildings and HVAC systems waste huge amounts of energy on a daily basis. Inefficient heating and air conditioning operating in silos are easy targets for cost reduction. Water use and lighting are others. By modeling utility and energy use systems, FMs can better understand where inefficiencies occur and then implement conservation measures and provide cost saving opportunities.

Smart buildings promise to improve efficiency by connecting these systems to reduce operating costs and increase the safety, productivity and quality of life of tenants and employees.

Operational Intelligence are consultant specialists in the intelligent integration of people, processes and systems to reduce energy intake and increase efficiencies, contact us to start working on a smart solution for you. We look forward to seeing you at the next event!

Attendees at the Conference
David Murray presenting at the Future of HVAC 2017
David Murray presenting at Future of HVAC Conference 2017
Photo courtesy of AIRAH